Intuitive Coaching 101–Pledge Allegiance to Yourself

October Saturday 006We’ve all heard the phrases about being your own best friend.  And we’ve all heard about self-honoring if we’re on a spiritual path.  So with each choice we make we ask ourselves, “Does this choice honor me?”

I know from experience that self-honoring is easier said than done.  Often we feel confused around the choices we make because we lose access to our higher wisdom.  This personal mapping system gets tangled in messages from the media, our friends or authority figures.  Scientific statistics trump our quiet inner voice then we flail about because we can’t make the “right” choice.

For instance, I chose not to renew a tetanus shot since I read articles about the dangers of vaccines.  I ran this choice through my intuition and asked my body the right direction to pursue.  But then when experts on the other side of the argument used scare tactics on me such as images of someone suffering from tetanus (I admit isn’t pretty), I began doubting my intuition and body’s wisdom.  But in the end, I decided that getting a tetanus vaccine doesn’t honor me and I wasn’t surprised that the pharmaceutical industry would use every fear tactic in their toolbox on websites.  So there is one example of self-honoring and slipping through a crack to escape mainstream madness.

When faced with any choice our true allegiance is to ourselves.  Now, I’m not talking narcissism here, but an act of self-love.  When we don’t honor ourselves no one else will.  Others treat us the same way we treat ourselves so why are we surprised when industries disregard our health concerns, when we’re not even concerned about our health? Or why are we shocked when others don’t care about our well-being when we haven’t taken responsibility for our well-being? Anything we put out in the world comes back to us through the behavior of other people and entities.

220px-Junior-Jaguar-Belize-ZooAlso did you know that when you honor yourself, you not only set a healthy example that inspires others to free themselves from emotional and mental slavery, but you spread love in the world period? In Unity Consciousness there is only one of us here anyway.  This translates as when we love ourselves and when we take care of ourselves, we love others.  We don’t end up enabling people’s bad behavior, but model healthy behavior.  I can see how this confuses people because our parents and other authorities taught us the opposite scenario which focuses on serving others at our own detriment.

Now, I get a lot of requests to volunteer for this or that organization, but until I’m living comfortably, I would rather spend my time putting my own plans into forward motion.  While I might feel temporarily happy to serve my community in some way (I’m a natural-born caretaker), I actually end up going hungry and then having to go to another charity for assistance.  Now, how does that serve my community? And then I just feel resentful to people who don’t pay for my services so that I can take care of myself.  That’s not self-honoring, but self-martyring.

Some of these organizations have even said that volunteering could lead to a real job,  but that only happens in a city with a thriving economy, not an economy based on free or cheap services and goods because no one can think outside of the poverty box.  Prosperity and abundance are rights that we earn through taking risks and investing in ourselves through self-honoring.

Pledging allegiance to ourselves means that we put our healthy interests first, in front of everything else.  I’m not talking ego-stroking or self-serving interests that harm others.  No, that is the corporate model which I don’t support.  But speaking of corporate models, why do people still support corporations that cause them personal harm or don’t have the customer’s interest at heart?  That’s self-defeating and yet, we rationalize that we don’t have any other choices?  Think again.

I’ve said this before in some of my other post, we are powerful beyond our wildest imaginings.  We don’t have to put up with anything that does not serve our bottom line whether that is an abusive relationship with a partner or a corporation or a government.  We have a mouth, a brain and a heart so we can educate ourselves and speak up about our concerns.  I’m not even talking activism, but I am talking about speaking with our dollars or supporting alternatives that lead to healthier lives.  And once we get over our paralysis from fear, we look around and notice a multitude of alternatives and people with solutions.

I’m so tired of hearing people tell me that they have to do something that makes them feel bad about themselves or about society in general.  This simply isn’t true.  We don’t have to do anything and if we do find ourselves faced with an unpleasant situation, we still have the choice to come to it with either love or fear.  Love is the quickest way out of any situation because it brings expansion and raises our frequency to a place where we make healthier choices.

Of course, self-love or self-honoring happens in steps. No one gets their overnight and no one gets there without the help of wise teachers and healers.  So the first step is to pledge allegiance to ourselves and then pray or ask the Universe or Divine Spirit for help.  Then the help shows up in a book, a radio program interview or a session with a healer.  Soon we get into the flow of learning new skills.  Sure, we stumble, but then we get back up and forgive ourselves as we brush ourselves off.  The point is to take that first step of self-empowerment then stand back and watch magic happen.  It always does.

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  1. I totally agree with you. That’s one of the reasons I’ve opted to grow some of my own food and I don’t use coupons unless it’s for something organic.

    I know God wouldn’t have it any other way.

    • I agree because God didn’t invent GMO foods, lol.

      Coupons come in handy with organic foods. Which foods are you able to grow where you live?

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