Intuitive Coaching 101–Be a Teachable Teacher

220px-HildegardWhen I write these posts, I write them just as much for myself as I do for those of you who find them.  The other day I was thinking about, well more or less contemplating, how the learning process never ends.  I guess some of us coaches and healers confuse this learning process with not feeling ready to share the wisdom we’ve already acquired.

Our egos stop us in two ways.  The first way, is to constantly tell us that no one wants to hear what we have to teach.  The second way happens when we feel like we already know it all and therefor shut ourselves off to further learning.  We tell ourselves that we don’t require another online spiritual course or we poke around at another teacher’s style of teaching or wisdom to find fault.  We tell ourselves, “I know more than she does and I’m going to prove it.”

In some of the workshops and classes I’ve taught, I notice a student sitting with his or her arms across the chest and a defiant look on his or her face.  I’ve had smarty-pants students interrupt me during my lecture portion and make corrections then shoot me a smug look.  Dang, nothing like a student testing the teacher.  I find this annoying, but I’m one to look at my own projections and shadows to see why I’m creating or co-creating that uncomfortable situation.  The other thing I ask myself, “What do I still require to learn?”  The lessons always show up even without physical human teachers. (I’m replacing the word need with require since need has “lack” energy attached to it).

We must remain humble and teachable so that we keep growing and expanding our knowledge.  Teachers come in many guises from a workshop instructor with a hefty fee (worth paying if you see benefits) to a bird perched in a tree gazing at us.  The Spirit World often comes on board as teachers too, but if we keep ignoring their lessons, they go elsewhere until we are ready to take up the task.

215px-Archangel_Gabriel._Tsalenjikha_fresco_(Georgia,_14th_c.)So while I was sitting on a bus yesterday I thought of reasons why a teacher requires teachers.  The teacher never stops walking the path of the student and for our egos, that’s a humbling thought.  Too humbling for our egos.  Yet, know-it-all types are insecure.  They suffered some trauma involving learning new skills or proving their worth through intelligence as a child.  They might have suffered from a learning disability and probably still do so they work extra hard to hide that vulnerability.  I know, I’ve been there, done that.  Or they might have had parents who believed too strongly in academic achievements (people with Asian parents come to mind).

Here is my list:

1. The more we humble ourselves at the feet of teachers, the better we understand the challenges students face and this helps us to reach our students through compassion & empathy.

2. We always have more to learn in this Earth Classroom. And the more we learn, the more we have to share with others.

3. Learning keeps us in our passion.

4. Learning provides the sword that challenges us to grow.

5. Learning prevents us from falling into ego traps.

6. Teachers widen or change our perceptions while expanding our world.

7. Teachers alter our reality right when we require it most.

8. Another cycle of learning awaits us in the same way that we reach one plateau and face another mountain.

9. To stop learning is to stop growing and that equals death.

10. The journey or quest is eternal and never ends.

As I continue to teach, I continue to find teachers in-person, online and in spirit.  I also think that a sense of humor helps us as we play the roles of fool and wise person.  Sometimes the fool is the wise person, even if by accident.  With university and high school students facing graduation, I tell them this, the learning never stops and the most important lessons you’ll ever learn won’t require paying tuition.  However, these lessons require paying attention, staying present in the moment, and then digesting information until you transmute it into wisdom.


I’m an astrologer and intuitive coach in Bellingham, Washington that helps people unblock their creative juices.  For more information about my fees and services go to Whole Music & Astrology.  I look forward to collaborating with you on your path to fruitful success and wisdom.


2 thoughts on “Intuitive Coaching 101–Be a Teachable Teacher

  1. I’ve had people like that in training sessions. Always remind myself I have no idea what happened to that person before coming to the session – or if they are there by choice of forced attendance. Sometime people just aren’t open to idea – or having a bad day – or feel threatened by something. Or were expecting something totally different.
    Still as you say, the way people respond – feedback whether in body language or comments is valuable as you consider how to proceed.
    Always insights and knowledge to be gained from any experience.
    Enjoyed your list

  2. So true, we don’t know where a person’s been prior to showing up at a class. Still there are times when it’s hard to meet them where they are when they act disruptive. Perhaps the best teachers are the ones who weathered the storms with grace and gained insights. I’ve known some teachers with a Buddha presence which impresses me. Male students are the most threatening to me, especially older academic men. Though oddly, a man who challenged me at one of my workshops is now a friend. Funny how that happens.

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