Intuitive Coaching 101–And the Word was Positive

215px-Archangel_Gabriel._Tsalenjikha_fresco_(Georgia,_14th_c.)If you listen to spiritual radio shows, you have come across the power of words.  However, the ancients knew about the power and intention of words long before new age and new thought spirituality showed up.  In fact, traditions existed where initiates remained silent for a proscribed period where they could only observe others speaking words or mantras.  There is a saying by the last Finnish shaman who died in the 20th Century about not placing a sword or magic in the hands of a fool.  Yet, we used words unconsciously and foolishly every moment of everyday and we wonder why we create chaos in the world.

Around 2005-06, I discovered Japanese water researcher Dr. Masaru Emoto’s books which reflected on the power of sound and words on the consciousness of water.  When we consider that our bodies are comprised of at least 70%  water with some parts of the body containing higher amounts of water, the words we and others say do have an impact on our health and well-being.  But let’s take it a few steps further, words affect our resonate field too and what we say ripples out in the world joining with the frequencies of others speaking the same words.

Now, I’m not an advocate for washing our mouths out with soap, but some of the gutter language people speak, and I’m not just talking about street kids with foul mouths, has a damaging effect on the environment by creating morphogenetic fields.  So why don’t people, even new age people pay closer attention to their words? I’ve even heard some new age teachers use vulgar or swear words in interviews to make an emphasis on some crazy thing in their lives.  And these same teachers keep rehashing their tragic life stories as if their listeners aren’t sick from hearing these stories.  And yes, I mean sick literally and not metaphorically.  Just listen to the words these teachers or healers use when describing their experiences–some of which are violent words or just provocative.  How is this healing for anyone?

But I’m not here to cast stones since I am in the same boat having to watch my word use too. I do make it a point not to use the words: Hate (delete), the “f” word (super low vibration), despise (delete), loathe (delete), idiot (delete), and words that describe feces.  I’m stunned by how many times I heard the “s”word in the past week, mostly from college students who were mentioning that they needed (need means lack) their “s—” together.  Hmmm, wouldn’t that create bowel problems?  I wonder about their state of their digestion or the types of events occurring in their lives.

I admit watching our word use takes effort, but if you constantly run into the following scenarios, check in to see what words you use to define your reality:

  • You find that you always have to stand in line.
  • Other people cut you off when you’re driving.
  • You feel irritated with people on a regular basis.
  • Nothing ever seems to go right.
  • You step in dog mess or find cat turds in your garden.
  • A bird craps on you (this is a sign of good luck in Italy, lol)
  • You’re constantly injuring yourself.
  • You seem to come down with every virus that goes around.
  • You feel drained and exhausted.
  • You feel stuck like your life isn’t going anywhere.
  • People seem rude.
  • You have trouble making friends or keeping them.
  • You keep attracting the same sorts of people (not ones you like).

Consider that your choice of words have something to do with the way your life is working out.  Word use is as important as beliefs, patterns, thoughts and emotions. In fact, when you harness words to thoughts and emotions you double their power.  Imagine that you’re going to a restaurant where all life experiences are listed on a menu.  And the words you give the waitress or waiter are literal so what you speak comes back to you as an order.  Do you like what you receive?

Words acts as our commands to the Universe or God.  Remember the Biblical phrase (not that I enjoy quoting the Bible), “And the word was God…” Well, my interpretation of this isn’t that the last word is God, but that our words manifest our experiences and create our worlds.  By replacing low-frequency words with high-frequency ones, we change the channel or tune into a higher dimension where anything is possible.

I’ve reached the point where I won’t stay in a room with people who use fearful language on a consistent basis. I have no interests in allowing other people to lower my vibration and placing mirrors around myself has a tiring effect.  If this means that I spend most of my time alone, so be it.  I have gotten off buses where too much negativity circulated in the words people were speaking and I have walked the remainder of the way home or to my destination.  My mental, emotional and spiritual spaces are important to me and I honor that.  I also don’t read blogs or websites with low-frequency words.  If I keep reading these words, I feel queasy and I don’t feel like putting myself through that.

I highly recommend Dr. Emoto’s books on water, words and music as well as, Sharon Klingler’s Power Words (Hay House), since she wrote one of the most comprehensive books on word use I’ve come across.  Also pick up Gregg Braden’s books or watch his videos since he also talks about the power of words, as does his colleague, Sound Healer Jonathan Goldman.  This isn’t just new age mumbo jumbo.  Words do create reality and if we don’t enjoy witnessing suffering in the world, we can make peace with the world through the words we choose to speak.

Last but not least, add affirmations and mantras (such as kirtans) to your repertoire.  These good uses of powerful words create grooves in the brain that helps us to change our language and word usage.  We also clear away any toxic energy caused by our poor use of words and other people’s use of words.

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