Intuitive Coaching 101–5 not-so-easy Steps to Self-Love



Self-love opens doors to manifesting lives we’ve dreamed of, but how do we get there from here? I’ve listened to three year’s worth of webinars and radio shows focused on developing self-love which all revolve around the same concepts.  The quest to self-love sounds like Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey or any spiritual practice with a focus on self-mastery.



First, we experience a call to action which takes us away from the comforts of our present experience or world.

Second, we enter a dark forest where we encounter adversaries in our subconscious mind in the form of negative thoughts, patterns, beliefs, fears, doubts and limitations.  As these gremlins appear, we clear and remove them.

Third, we encounter teachers and guides on our path if we continue to battle with the gremlins created by our own thoughts.  The teachers leads us away from darkness and show us how to expand our vision and live our passions.

Fourth, we discover our shadows which stalk us the entire way, while showing us our projections and telling us to own those projects while integrating them into our personality.

Finally, after we embrace the shadow and all those parts we dislike about ourselves, we develop self-love which leads to self-empowerment.

Once we step into self-empowerment, we make rightful decisions that honor us. We know the difference between that which honors us and that which dishonors us.  We have raised our frequency so we know what love feels like and we choose to bask in love’s warmth and comfort until the next journey inward presents itself.  Then we start the cycle again.  Each time we take the journey we develop mastery until we reach enlightenment and merge with the Divine.

This is my understanding of the soul’s journey from all the spiritual books I’ve read, workshops I’ve attended, videos I’ve watched and spiritual radio shows I’ve heard over the years.  I’ve delved into various religions and spiritual practices (the mystical sides) and I’ve had many teachers along my path.  And so as my path continues, I’ll keep sharing what I learn with you. And hopefully, as your paths continue, you will share your wisdom with me.

Bon voyage!

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