Intuitive Coaching 101–Get happy

photo by Patricia Herlevi

photo by Patricia Herlevi

So often people equate happiness with getting drunk or sugar-high, but that’s not true happiness.  True happiness comes from within, has little to do with outer circumstances, and doesn’t involve consuming anything–not a bottle of wine or a new pair of shoes.

But when we possess inner happiness, everything else flows into our lives like a river into the ocean. When we feel joyful, we raise our frequency and that frequency attracts a bounty of wonderful things into our lives including wealth, beauty, abundance, and high-frequency people.  We feel powerful as if we have control of the dream.  When we have joy in our heart we walk a path of love and laugh at fear.

However, many of us feel a low-level depression as we go about our lives.  We see the glass as half empty, the sky as partially cloudy (instead of partially sunny) and we forget to bless the little things in our lives.  We contribute more coins into the well of doom by collaborating with other people’s misery.  When someone complains about a situation or person, we agree with them thinking erroneously that we are validating their experience thus lifting their spirits.  Misery loves company, right? Wrong.

When someone complains about a situation and we agree with them or add our own laments to the pity party, we lower everyone’s frequency a few notches.  This is a recipe for having a bad day where things go bad to worst.  But we can press the reset button.  We can change the words we speak, watch our thoughts like a hawk and change our daily attitude.  I’m not saying this is easy or that it happens over night.  In fact, it takes some effort and patience.  I know, I’ve been there, done that, and suffered health problems because of my attitude, not to mention poverty and low self-worth.  Then after hearing teachers like Abraham-Hicks, I decided to transform my life.  You can do this too.

During the 1980s and 1990s I ranted angry lyrics on stage. I also read angry poetry at various events.  I took on the role of the super victim and played that role to the hilt.  I quit or was fired from many jobs because of my negative attitude and lack of consideration for other people’s psychic space.  And I’m not alone because some of my friends and colleagues also acted this way. The results weren’t pretty, but fortunately, my interest in metaphysics led me to quantum physics and universal laws that transformed my attitude, and then my life.

So here’s the deal, if you want to feel true happiness from the inside out, then do the things that bring you joy. I’m not talking about hanging out in a bar and drinking yourself silly or indulging in chocolate cake everyday because you deserve it.  I’m talking about listening to music that moves your spirit, taking walks in parks or hiking in the mountain or jogging on the sand next to the Pacific Ocean or playing with your children or pets.  Yes, spending time with people you love also raises your frequency.

Saint Teresa of Lisieux of France focused on the little way or the small things that brought her peace and Divine Love.  When we practice gratitude for the small things in our lives we raise our vibration so that more of those things can enter our lives.  So we don’t live in a mansion or drive a BMW? Focus on the roof you have over your head and the food you ate for breakfast.  Focus on the water that pours from the faucet so that you don’t have to trek across a desert with a container of water perched on top of your head or drink unclean water from a community well.  And even in those cases, there is still your life to feel gratitude, your lungs and heart which keep your body alive and so on.

Often Law of Attraction books and movies focus too much on material goods or having lots of money in the bank.  Those things won’t bring happiness.  They’re like frosting on the cake.  Have you ever eaten dry and tasteless cake with yummy frosting? The frosting comes off too sweet and upsets the stomach.  But if we have inner happiness despite our life circumstances, then the material wealth just shows up, well, eventually it shows up.  And then it doesn’t matter so much because we already feel good about ourselves and our lives. The best way to live our lives is to take what comes or leave it.  Detachment allows us to experience love flowing through us without our desires blocking the flow.

So go do the things you love and feel passion for birds that sing, the sun that shines each day, for the Moon each night and for the chance to walk your life path on this magnificent planet, Mother Earth.

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