Intuitive Coaching 101–Opening to Possibilities

Martorell_-_Sant_JordiName one addiction that we all share.  The addiction that comes to my mind is fear.  Fear constricts, limits, and poses as our logical brain.  Fear causes us to over analyze as well as, to live in doubt and worry. Fear causes us to manipulate and control our surroundings and everyone in it.  So what’s the opposite of fear?

Most spiritual teachers would tell us that Love is the opposite of fear.  But it goes further than that.  While fear forces us to slam and lock doors, love asks us to open doors to new opportunities while stepping into the unknown.  Love asks us to not only open doors, but to embrace what stands on the other side.  It asks us to leap into the unknown and trust that everything will be taken care of. Love asks us to surrender and to expand our minds to a myriad of possibilities.  It takes courage to open our hearts and let love in.

Besides, the most common complaint these days is that people feel stuck.  They lament that their lives aren’t moving forward and that their dreams remain out of reach. Could it be that these folks require a leap of faith into the unknown? What would happen if they set intentions to conquer their fears one by one?  What if they took more chances, went on that date, took that job offer, or traveled to a location they dreamed about for decades? What would happen if they relocated to a new home, new city, or began a new venture even without all the resources in place?

I have heard and witness miraculous stories of friends and family members who took leaps of faith and found the required resources after taking the leap.  I knew a violinist who traveled to England with only a few dollars in her pocket and while she was in England she hooked up with other musicians and made a living busking on the street.  I once traveled to England with only a few hundred dollars I received by selling my car and I never had to pay for room & board.  I stayed with relatives and people I met through networking with colleagues. I performed music in a club in London and received a review in Melody Maker.   Who would have thought? I took a leap of faith and conquered my fears in the process.

I’ve heard a ton of these types of stories.  Dreams don’t just appear in our minds for no reason. Dreams often represent destiny but like every journey, we must take the first step.  There’s a saying in the metaphysical world that when we answer the call of destiny, the Universe meets us half way.  When I don’t take leaps of faith and live the proscribed life, I find that I have  little resources to live off.  But anytime I took a leap of faith, I stayed in better housing, always had food to eat, and I just felt happier.

Doorway to a South Hill home, photo by Patricia Herlevi

Doorway to a South Hill home, photo by Patricia Herlevi

Let me give you more examples to inspire you to take your own leap of faith.  I knew one woman who lost her job working for a small company in Seattle then she became a life coach and transformed her life in the process.  She went from mousy and shy, to confident and alluring.  I’ve heard of stories of entrepreneurs who endured a string of failures only to land an enviable success further down the road. I’ve heard of women especially who lost everything including their health, sought the help of intuitive coaches and energy healers then became successful healers themselves.

When we are faced with the Dark Night of the Soul and hit bottom, we are more likely to take risks that lead to miraculous success.  When we become to complacent because we live dull, but comfortable lives we actually sink further down the hole.  Financial abundance becomes a trap when it robs us of our freedom or causes us to live fearful lives where we run around like mad rats accumulating more stuff to bring us false security.  It certainly robs us of our health and well-being.  And I’m not dissing wealth, just letting you know that there’s more to life.  True freedom comes from taking leaps of faith and not wallowing in suffocating comforts.

So ask yourself the following questions:

1) If money wasn’t an issue, what passion would you pursue?

2) Is there some place in the world you have always wanted to travel, but didn’t have the time?

3) What career do you really want to pursue?

4) Do you allow others to hold you back?

5) Do you hold yourself back and project that decision on to others? (ie: I can’t take night classes because the kids wouldn’t like it).

6) Do you acknowledge and face your fears or do you fool yourself by calling yourself fearless?

7) Do you envy others who live the life you wish for yourself?

8) Do you gossip about others who are projecting your wishes? (shadow stuff)

9) Do you spend more time criticizing others than praising them?

10) Do you have many addictions that prevent you from pursuing your dreams?

This path I’m presenting to you is a life journey.  Opening doors takes faith as I mentioned earlier and we have a shortage of faith on a global level.  Astrologically, the outer planets are asking us now to heal our deeper emotional wounds so that we develop faith and trust.  When Jupiter moves into Leo which rules the heart in July and Saturn moves into Sagittarius in December, we will either develop more faith or notice fear suffocating the little faith we have fostered thus far.  But for many of you, the Saturn and Jupiter transits will present open doors that come through synchronicity.

I like that saying by Jesus that we only require a mustard seed of faith.  Have you ever seen a mustard seed? It’s tiny and if we only require a tiny bit of faith then we can add a dash of courage then charge through the open door and embrace what awaits on the other side.  I’ll tell you this much, it’s more enticing then what you’re currently experiencing.

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  1. Amen!! Needed this 🙂 …This is amazing- “While fear forces us to slam and lock doors, love asks us to open doors to new opportunities while stepping into the unknown. Love asks us to not only open doors, but to embrace what stands on the other side.” Thanks for sharing!

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