Intuitive Coaching 101–The Elegant Art of Letting Go

Photo by Patricia Herlevi

Photo by Patricia Herlevi

When I find myself battling against the inevitable, I remember a phrase from Marianne Williamson’s book Return to Love, “Surrender Dorothy.”  While my name isn’t Dorothy, I get this.

As humans, we fear change, even good change.  We fear the unknown and when we finally manifest our desires, logic steps in and we play the “what if” game with ourselves.  What if this person isn’t the one for me? What if he’s a charming psycho? What if this house we’re planning on buying has a mold problem? What if we move to California and lose everything to a fire or an earthquake?

Well, those things could happen.  Or the house turns out to offer a pleasant and comforting environment beyond wildest imaginings.  The man turns out to be a good friend, lover, and all around partner who even gets a long with grumpy family members.  The relocation to California boosts the career, brings new friends onto the scene and provides a warm climate. How do we know what will happen until we take that leap of faith?

There are no guarantees that our wishes will work out as planned.  There are no guarantees in life for anything.  However, if we don’t pursue our dreams then we’re not really living and instead we walk around in the land of apathy, cynicism, bitterness and might as well be dead.  Even people tucked away in luxurious homes guarding their precious possessions and insurance policies represent the walking dead.

Living means we accept changes as they come our way.  Living means that we ride the waves and go where they take us. Living means we laugh at life and cry when necessary, then rise again to take another wave.  Living means we face our fears with courage and strength we didn’t know we possessed.  Living means letting go of the old to make room for the new.

Walter_Crane19A butterfly doesn’t refuse to break out of the cocoon.  We don’t wear the same shoes we did when we were five years old.  We don’t wear the same clothing (I hope not) from our teen years at the age of 50. We try new hairstyles, read other genres of books, and see movies we would have never watched in our younger years.  Life comes in cycles that we all endure such as the Saturn cycles which last 7 years times 4 coming out to 28 years.  And in each of those cycles we go through changes and learn different lessons about ourselves.

A young woman phoned into Radleigh Valentine’s Hay House Radio show Magical Things last week.  She asked about her current relationship (which wasn’t working out) and whether or not she should leave that relationship.  But the clincher was that she would only leave that relationship if there was another man waiting in the wings.  Oddly, the Universe doesn’t work that way. As long as we cling to a partner, right or wrong one, the universe puts the occupied sign up (as in a restroom door) and no one new can come in.  Radleigh advised the woman to let the relationship go and step into the unknown basically.  Where’s the adventure in always knowing what waits around the corner? Boring.

So this week with the Grand Cardinal Cross (astrological squares and oppositions of Mars, Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto in exact degrees) brings us the lesson of letting go and stepping into the unknown. Remember that if a butterfly refuses to break out of the cocoon, he dies.  If a bird refuses to learn to fly, he perishes eventually because birds must leave the nest.  That’s why they were given wings. They take a leap of faith.  And that’s what our job is this week.  Step to the edge of that nest, test our wings, and fly.  Who knows how far the wind will carry us, but we gotta do it.

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