Intuitive Coaching 101–Liberate Yourself from Clutter

The Poser, photo by Patricia Herlevi

The Poser, photo by Patricia Herlevi

Clutter feels like a prison at times and anyone who tells me they feel stuck could free themselves by removing clutter from their lives.

Clutter comes in many forms as I learned recently while editing my fifth novel.  So let’s say good bye to the days of adjectives and waxing poetics.  Novels seems more like screenplays these days with more action than telling.  Authors often critique other author’s work with the saying, “Show me don’t tell me.”  Having written screenplays before venturing into novel writing, I enjoy deleting the adjectives that sneak into my work.  However, in describing a character, adjectives come in handy since readers enjoy knowing the color of a character’s hair and eyes, what style of clothing they wear and all that.

With photography, some photographers take pride in creating the perfect image as they shoot rather than use the cropping tool during a photo edit. Often photographs have too much information in them with no clear focus.  Telephoto lenses come in handy as do macro lenses.  Wide angle works for panoramic scenery and medieval Cathedrals, but for most street photography, less says more.  So learn to use the cropping tool.

On the domestic front, clean out file cabinets of old projects with no hope of manifestation or no longer the interest.  Some projects have a sell-by-date and once that date passes, time to chuck out the project, while other projects age like a good wine, waiting for the perfect date for emergence into the world.  The key is to tell the difference between those scenarios.  Use honesty when cleaning out drawers, closet shelves and cabinets. Often we hang onto clothing and other things out of sentimentality, knowing full well we will never wear that prom dress again.  Men might find further uses for their tux unless they have gained weight around the middle which they have no desire to lose.  Then toss the tux out.

Perhaps the urge for spring cleaning refers to a type of liberation from clutter, dust, dirt, mold and decay.  Nature composts old leaves and natural debris, while us humans hang on to it for dear life.  Sure, I understand tackling the fridge the kitchen cabinets is a drag.  Who wants to clean crumbs out of the crisper when the flowers send out their spring fragrances along with sun rays?  Who wouldn’t rather be outdoors soaking sun rays and breathing deeply?

Speaking of breathing deeply, once we remove clutter from our homes which we recycle, compost, or give away, we open our windows wide to let the wind in, and hopefully the insects don’t come flying in too.

Cluttered minds block progress.  Once we clear clutter from our homes, and our creative work, the next task is tackling the mind.  Often we hang onto thoughts, beliefs and patterns that no longer serve us and might not belong to us.  Let’s sort through those beliefs during meditation or journal writing and toss out any belief or patterns that no longer serve us.  Removing clutter on all levels helps us move forward more quickly towards our dreams.

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