Intuitive Coaching 101–Expanding & Dreaming

wildlife  photo by Patricia Herlevi

photo by Patricia Herlevi

What if our limited thinking prevented us from cashing in on our dreams? And what if limited thinking stopped us from dreaming all together?

Today I found myself thinking of all the types of places I would enjoy living.  I let my imagination explore sustainable upscale tree houses, a straw bale home, and I started imagining the ideal world. Usually, when I stoke my imagination the voice of doubt, fear and limitation butts in and tells me to get real.  Then I hear a list of reasons why I can’t live in a tree house or live in a car-less community, or breathe fresh air, hear silence and eat food grown with zero chemicals.

How many of you launch into expansive thoughts only to hear those other voices curtail your dreams? How many of you stopped dreaming all together? How many of you dreamed when you were younger but gave up that activity in favor of pragmatism and limited thoughts passed down to you by your parents or other elders? How many of you would rather take the experts’ advice rather than listen to your inner voice?

Perhaps as we grow older, we lose the capacity to dream out of bitterness, a broken heart, or grief.  I hear, “I tried that once and it didn’t work.”  And I want to say, “Try it again from the place where you are now.”  After all, the evolution that takes place between 20 and 40 for instance, will amaze you.

photo by Patricia Herlevi

photo by Patricia Herlevi

So I sent off queries to agents in my 20s and they ignored me. Okay, so my writing wasn’t professional yet and it lacked polish.  Now, that I spent two decades polishing my craft, taking workshops and improving in other areas of my life, I have a better chance this time around of achieving my mission.  Plug this scenario into any life situation. The result is the same.

So a love relationship ended in divorce in your 30s and now you’re 50 and afraid of taking another chance.  Think of it this way, that last relationship composted and turned into lush soil that if you planted seeds now, you would produce bountiful fruit.  Our hardships act as compost if we don’t fall into bitterness and habits of defeat.  It’s perfectly okay to grieve a loss and seek support from others as we heal our hearts, but at some point we must get back on the proverbial horse.

I don’t want to use the cliche but I will.  Life is a game and some times we lose, but when we lose we build character.  People who have suffered hardship and asked for help and crawled out of the hole impress me.  These are true warriors, not that do battle with the world, but use their warrior energy to bolster their personalities and heal themselves by staring into some dark places.  Everyone experiences the Dark Night of the Soul at some point in their lives, but it’s what each person does with the wisdom gained from the humbling experience.

So if you’re afraid to dream big, ask yourself why.  This is the juncture where we choose to go deep with ourselves and heal our wounds or escape into lethargy, cynicism and despair; then wonder why everyone has abandoned us.  Could it be that we abandoned ourselves?  Don’t abandon yourself and cast your dreams aside.  Dream big and heal wounds as they surface.  Then have faith that no dream is impossible when the seed of the dream has already been planted in the heart.

Note: Used the image of a duck because Duck represents the Totem Animal that brings us comfort.

I am an intuitive coach for artists and an astrologer, as well as, a music researcher and novelist.  I use various metaphysical tools to assist artists (fine and performing) on their creative journey.  For more information go to Whole Astrology and Whole Music & Whole Astrology. I also believe that photographic images shift moods so I launched Patricia’s Photo Play Therapy.

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2 thoughts on “Intuitive Coaching 101–Expanding & Dreaming

  1. Perfect post.
    The only way you can lose is to not try.
    We must encourage our children – and all we encounter to take risks – to try. Something not working out isn’t failure, not defeat – it didn’t work. Something needs tweaking. Needs to be examined from a different angle. The time wan’t quite right or the person wasn’t quite ready for that to go forward. GIving up is not an option if the person – if society – is to progress.
    Sometimes dreams may be put on hold. But they should never be abandoned.
    Most important message. Well said

  2. Yes, you articulate this concept well. I’m an example of not giving up and here I am at 49 years old still pursuing my dream of publishing novels. If someone is passionate about what they do and does it not to become famous or some other motive other than they love what they do, eventually the dream manifests. We can’t but not expand if we move forward. Life is all about expansion and then of course, contraction.

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