Intuitive Coaching 101–When Affirmations Don’t Work

Walter_Crane19The spiritual teacher recommends affirmations, but they don’t seem to do the trick or perhaps the affirmations backfire…What’s up with that?

The first time I heard about affirmations, a friend gave me Shakti Gaiwain’s book “Creative Visualization” as a birthday present.  I did both the visualizations and the affirmations and got results I wanted and some I didn’t want.  When I experienced instant manifestation, I realized the power of affirmations.

However, as I evolved over the years, affirmations either lost their effect or I forgot to use discernment with my chosen words, creating chaos in some cases.  As we raise our frequency, we must watch out for buzz words that sabotage our best efforts.  It’s one thing to say a set of affirmations each morning and another thing to use self-defeating language throughout the day.  One thing cancels out the other and we end up frustrated and resentful towards the person who told us to use affirmations to improve our life circumstances.

Affirmations do reap a good harvest when we back those affirmations up with visualization, feelings, and align with the right thoughts.  Affirmations work when we align our daily language, how we talk about ourselves and relate to others with our wishes.  Affirmations don’t work when we negate them with negative self-talk, arguments with others, gossip, ranting or other negative uses of words.  We also must let go of past patterns and beliefs that act as obstacles to our desires.

So if we say affirmations to land the perfect job but then go around rehashing the loss of a previous job or lash out at a previous employer or keep telling ourselves the economy is bad, then those affirmations won’t bear fruit, at least not fruit that taste sweet.  This brings us back to mindfulness and using language in a conscious way.

Step back and listen to your words when you have a conversation with someone else.  What image are you presenting with your words? Are you talking badly about yourself? Are you complaining? Are you conveying hopelessness? Are you putting someone else down?  Be easy on yourself if you catch yourself in the throws of saboteur behavior.  We all do this at times.  We can transmute old behavior.

Promise yourself you will do better. Promise yourself that you will change your language in regard to yourself.  Promise yourself you’ll forgive those from the past who hurt you, including yourself. Do a clearing of the chakras.  Listen to music with uplifting lyrics or just listen to music that makes you feel good. Lift your vibration and then from a high-flying disk (Abraham-Hicks description), say your affirmations.  Say affirmations when you feel them and align with them.  Get into a positive space before saying the affirmations and then remember your desires throughout the day so that you stop negating them.

When we affirm our desires, they manifest.  But we must put all our energy behind the affirmations and become mindful of ways we negate our efforts.  This takes patience and effort.  And know that even high level spiritual teachers fall on their path to manifestation too.  And yet, by looking at all the success stories in the world at this time, I would say affirmations work.

One last thing, if we want our affirmations to manifest happiness in our lives, we must feel that we deserve that happiness, love or whatever it is we would like to manifest. If we don’t feel deserving, then we negate the process.  Again, this comes back to learning and practicing self-honoring.  Step-by-step you can get on track and climb the ladder of success, as you define it.

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3 thoughts on “Intuitive Coaching 101–When Affirmations Don’t Work

  1. Great post. Sometimes (my experience) affirmations backfire your “I deserve” isn’t fully in place. Sometimes you have to undo your own internal sabotage mechanism.

  2. Absolutely. There is a lot going on in the subconscious we need to address and just saying affirmations without doing the groundwork, won’t work for the long haul. Sometimes when we say affirmations, the negative voice starts speaking. When that happens, we can ask that voice what it is afraid of or what it refers to. In this regard, we have some material to clear and heal, thus removing obstacles from our path.

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