Intuitive Coaching 101–Can-Do Attitude & Say Good bye to Victimhood

428px-Alphonse_Mucha_-_PoetryTime to get past drama and the battle cry, “I can’t” and adopt a can-do attitude. In fact, the world needs us to take this step now…

Often we get caught up in our own dramas and feel weighed down by the dramas of others.  Well, here are two things to consider about the use of drama.  1) None of us are victims and 2) When we play those dramatic roles off the stage, we suck, manipulate and control other people with guilt.  Yuck!

Yeah, I used to play the role of victim to a hilt until everyone walked out on me and the only people I could attract were other victims playing this wicked game.  Then something happened that taught me about mirrors and projections.  The table turned and people started playing the same subconscious and conscious manipulation games on me until I became physically ill and emotionally repulsed by victims.

At that point, I hit bottom and decided to seek help through energy medicine, shamanic soul retrievals, counseling, coaching and therapy.  I discovered Hay House Radio and shows on Blog Talk Radio, I read books and became a scholar of Universal Laws, self-love and self-empowerment.  I watched other people hit bottom and take similar routes and I noticed that the energy on the planet grew lighter and more loving.

Don’t confuse love and compassion with enabling victim and martyr attitudes, both which don’t reflect self-love.  People who act like victims don’t love themselves and so they seek love elsewhere in the form of support or advice, which they toss out the first chance they get.  They don’t want your advice, prayers or support.  They want an audience for their drama and victims suck every bit of energy they can from their adoring audience who confuses compassion for dysfunctional relationships.  And as long as we sit in this audience and allow someone’s guilt to control us, we won’t seek liberation for ourselves and do the real healing work we came here to this planet to administer.

Teach the Can-Do Attitude

Next time someone caught in a victim drama ask you for advice, ask him or her to listen to their words and the way they speak to themselves and to others.  See how many times they use the word “can’t” and explain that this word, just like the word “should” carries a low vibration that leads to depression.  “Can’t” is a powerless word and we can easily replace this word with “can”. Yes, I can do that. Yes, I can receive the support I need to succeed.  Yes, I don’t have to do this myself.  I have skills and talent so I can learn new skills.  Yes, I can thrive in this world.  Yes, I can conquer my fears.

215px-Archangel_Gabriel._Tsalenjikha_fresco_(Georgia,_14th_c.)Use the Power Word “Transmute” during Meditation

Clear victim energy (yours and other people’s) by saying the word “transmute” in the form of a mantra.  Also use the words “freedom” and “victory”.  For more information on power words, read Sharon Klingler’s Power Words published with Hay House.  This popular book is already going into its second printing.



Archangel Gabriel akin to Mercury

Archangel Gabriel akin to Mercury

Practice Quantum Prayer

Gregg Braden introduces quantum prayer in his books and DVDs.  This type of affirmative prayer goes something like this: Think of what you would like to see different in the world, visualize it, then say, “already done, already done, already done…” And affirm this in your heart chakra.





Call upon a Circle of Angels to Guide and Protect Others

When someone calls with upsetting news about themselves or others or when you hear a disturbing news story, call upon a circle of angels to  guide, support and protect the people or creatures involved with the situation.  Follow up with a quantum prayer and then let it go.  Trust in higher wisdom.  Trust in Divine Order.

160px-Leonardesco,_forse_ambrogio_de_predis,_angelo_di_sx_della_vergine_delle_rocce_di_londraRaise Your Frequency with Music, Laughter, Humor and the Beauty of the Natural World

First you need to keep a music journal to discern which music raises and lowers your vibration. Then when you find uplifting music, listen only to that music. This raises frequency.  Classical music from all cultures, new age, indigenous, and traditional music raise vibration.  Try sound healing recordings and tools also.

Find some clean comedies (books or movies) without vulgar language (which lower vibration) or violence and indulge in this humor.

Take a walk in a neighborhood with trees and gardens, hike in a park or go camping.  Better yet, go on a spiritual retreat in a natural setting.  Leave your phone and computer at home, but take along your camera.  Check out my uplifting photographs at Patricia’s Photo Play Therapy.

We all have a right to live happy and harmonious lives free of drama.  We all have the right to discern what serves us and others; toss out the rest.  We have a right to live on a peaceful planet where people practice self-respect and self-honoring then extend that respect outward to all beings.

Anyone still caught in the cycle of fear and victimization, needs to seek help from professional healers and counselors.  Take responsibility for your lives and stop dumping toxins on friends, family members, bosses and colleagues.  The more people live out the role of victim, the more the Universe will send insufferable situations and when we get collective groups carrying the victim vibe we see larger tragedies.  Still, I think it’s an inside job and each of us is only responsible for the thoughts, feelings, and attitudes we release in the world.  Every word we say, every single act, and our emotions ripple out and affect the entire planet. When we join others with the same fearful actions, feelings and thoughts we create morphogenetic fields that keep attracting the same dramas to us, until we finally get that we direct these tragedies.

Now, is the time to shift your energy and the energy on the planet from fear to LOVE. There are no victims here, only powerful Divine Sons and Daughters of an Unconditional Loving God.  Let those words sink in.