Intuitive Coaching 101–Astrology Doesn’t Explain Everything

220px-Beit_AlphaI love astrology because it offers insight into our deepest psyche and gives us a map for soul mastery.

However, this ancient science and intuitive art doesn’t explain why bad things happen to good people.  It doesn’t act like a magical talisman that wards off insufferable events.  Astrology doesn’t prevent earthquakes or volcanoes erupting or planes falling from the sky.  Astrologers worth their weight in salt tell us that it takes years of study to fully grasps the basics and then the astrological path leans in the direction of lifelong learning.  Astrologers reach a plateau only to face the next steep climb towards esoteric and mathematical knowledge.

Oops! Did I say math? Did I use the “m” word? As a self-proclaimed math phobic (never was that good at it), astrology has helped me embrace numbers and measurements.  Today’s astrologers use computer programs to do the math, but we still need to know basic geometry and the software engineers who design astrology software lean on advance math.

Then, for anyone avoiding a headache, stay clear of astrology as a practice because it offers one puzzle after another.  Do I just read transits or do I also look at progressed planets? Do I have the right birth time? Why does this chart not match the client sitting in front of me? Which house system do I use and could I go without a house system? Why don’t the numbers add up? Something’s missing here and it drives me crazy!

220px-Moon_and_red_blue_hazeAnd then after going through all that trouble, astrology doesn’t explain everything.  Humans and all life offers us too many complexities that we must throw every scientific and metaphysical tool we have in our kit at these mysteries and still…  Soul contracts, past lives, and the collective consciousness play roles too.  Some people would add karma and Universal Laws.  I include the Law of Attraction and rely heavily on intuition when I read charts.  I listen closely to the words of the client in the form of self-talk that often negates a client’s wishes or mission.

Indeed, astrology is just one tool in a kit and that kit takes years to develop through lifelong learning.  I’ve taken workshops on just about everything metaphysical and my natal chart is wired for work as an astrologer (researcher and practice).  In fact, anyone with powerful Uranus and Neptune aspects in his or her natal chart would do well in this profession, if he or she is willing to do the work.  Out of all the metaphysical tools I have learned thus far, astrology proves the most challenging because it encompasses math, art, and intuition.  And after all that work, it doesn’t explain everything.  Life on planet earth is after all, the biggest mystery of all.

Use Astrology for the Following:

Testing compatibility in relationships & business partnerships

As maps to the soul (reading natal charts, transits, solar arcs)

Instructional manuals for children (and spouses)

Planetary forecasts


Mundane or world events

Predictions (take with a grain of salt)


Transformation process

Working with archetypes

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3 thoughts on “Intuitive Coaching 101–Astrology Doesn’t Explain Everything

  1. Absolutely, I don’t know what I would do without the computer programs. They speed the process of reading a chart and allow astrologers to flip through the transits in some cases. Plus astrologers can experiment with house systems, add asteroids, and aspect lines. I use the program on and eventually, I will purchase Solar Fire, after I increase my wealth as an astrologer.

    Also the more serious someone delves into astrology, they see the complexities and fall in love with the science and intuitive art. I doubt anyone practicing astrology is in danger of developing dementia since there are enough puzzles here to keep the brain limber. I’m waiting for the studies to come out, “People who practice astrology have less chance of developing brain disorders…” Of course, I’m not holding my breath on this one, but it would be nice validation.

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