Intuitive Coaching 101–Get Ahead with Meditation

150px-Falun_Dafa_fifth_meditation_exerciseTurn off the radio, the television and step away from the computer (after you read this post of course).  It’s time to meditate.  The only way to tune into your core self is through a meditation practice.  Sadly, it seems most people would rather wash the dishes or do their laundry than meditate.  They would rather zone out in front of the TV news absorbing vibrations from the outer world rather than finding silence and wisdom inside their own hearts.

But here’s something you should know.  Successful people meditate, busy people (think Dr. Deepa Chopra and Oprah Winfrey) meditate and if they can find the time to meditate so can the rest of us.  Spiritual teachers such as Sonia Choquette and Sandra Anne Taylor tell us that even ten minutes of meditation aligns us with our higher wisdom and guidance.  It’s best to meditate in the morning when we wake up or right before going to bed.

It’s true that when we sit down to meditate, chatter fills our minds.  And when we begin a meditation practice this can drive us crazy.  The point is to focus on breath or a word such as “love” or “ohm” and direct your mind back to the center each time it wanders off.  We might recall Liz Gilbert’s monkey mind when she nearly had a nervous breakdown meditating in an ashram in India.  Many of us have monkey minds, especially if we have a lot of planets in Gemini, Virgo or a strong Mercury or Uranus in our natal charts.  I’m one of those people and I still meditate.  It gets easier with time and practice.  Some people have an easier time meditating after brisk exercise (Sonia Choquette admitted this to one of her callers for her Blog Talk Radio show) or after doing yoga poses.

If just sitting down and breathing doesn’t work, try visualizations or journeys found on compact disks.  You can substitute past life regression, shamanic journeys etc also found on tapes and compact disks.  Some people prefer group meditation while others like to sit in a natural setting and absorb the surrounding vibrations.  Check out Hay House, Sounds True and GAIAM for meditation recordings.  Also try your local spiritual bookstores or the spiritual section at your local library.

Similar to Liz Gilbert, I dragged myself into a meditation practice and thought I would lose my mind in the process.  Actually, I lost my mind to gain my soul–not saying that I’m insane, only that I found a way around the mind chatter to find my heart center.  Now I’m a promoter of meditation because it is the only route to finding the authentic you.  Sadly, most people have no idea that they are Divine Children of a loving God.  They lack a true identity and attach labels to themselves to show the world who they are–this is equivalent to wearing masks to please others.

Fortunately, a meditation practice transforms this self-ignorance into self-wisdom.  It brings you peace even when the world is at its most dramatic.  You gain peace, joy, and self-fulfillment from meditation and synchronicity increases.  Angels, saints and master teachers speak to and through you.  The greatest love you’ll ever know comes through meditation.  With all those benefits along with greater health and vitality, why do most people avoid meditation?

Goodbye drama, hello joy.  Meditate.


2 thoughts on “Intuitive Coaching 101–Get Ahead with Meditation

  1. The world has gotten so loud. SIlence makes many people nervous – they don’t know how to deal with it. Wish the schools (starting with Pre-K to 12) would value and teach “silence” – even a couple of minutes of silence at the beginning of the day helps students calm, center, put what happened earlier aside, and get ready to learn. It’s like putting on a lab coat and being ready to work now. It’s not prayer, it could be reflection, meditation, or simply slowing down and shifting gears.Perhaps students as they grew would hear wisdom in silence.
    Well stated post

    • Silence is the only way we can come back to ourselves. It is a challenge for people to face their authentic selves this way. Maybe they are afraid what they will hear between the gaps in activities. Meditation can heal that fear, but first the effort to sit down and let the mind reach a still point.

      Meditation or moments of silence is just what those school children need. Their lives are non-stop racing from one activity to the next. It wasn’t like that when either you or I were children.

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