Intuitive Coaching 101–Balancing Act is Required

Descent, photo by Patricia Herlevi

Descent, photo by Patricia Herlevi

A song by Portuguese singer-songwriter Sara Tavares swims in my thoughts as I write this post on balance.  The song title sums up my post–Balance.  Since we comprise our lives of several areas like a pie chart, we can go out of balance in any of those areas.  And similar to a juggling act, if we lose one ball, we might just drop them all on the floor and end up with a meltdown or dramatic moment.

With so many challenges we face in the everyday world, and especially now with the world feeling like its topsy-turvey, it could take a feather to knock down a house of cards.  Perhaps our health and diet fall out of alignment which leads to health problems at work which leads to taking time off from work, which could lead to a job loss.  This leads to stress and tension which leads to a further decline in health.  And when you don’t have your health, it’s a real challenge to enjoy life, which leads to griping and whining; other behaviors that put people off who normally would feel glad to lend you a hand.

Or perhaps the finances fall out of alignment which leads to stress which then leads to illness. On and on. The trick is to get back in balance and I think that starts with the daily health routine.  This includes staying properly hydrated, eating mostly fruits and vegetables unless you suffer from candida overgrowth (a sure sign that life is out of balance) then stick with vegetables, whole grains, nuts, seeds and beans and if you eat animal products do so sparingly.  Get plenty of exercise and yes, walking counts and so does yoga, make time for play and set aside a certain time to complete projects.  Break projects down into smaller chunks.

Perhaps a relationship becomes the total focus then diet, work, and every other area of life suffers from neglect.  This often happens at the beginning of a courtship and when continued over a lengthy period of time, until both partners lose themselves in each other and expect the other person to fulfill their needs rather than finding those needs met within.  Then this brings stress to the relationship and a possible or eventual breakup which leaves two people feeling empty having to pick up the pieces of their unbalanced lives.

So take an honest assessment of the areas of your life and see what’s out of balance.  We all have an area of our lives or two that have fallen out of alignment whether that includes family, friendship, partnership, career or health.  And I believe for the next several months regaining balance of those areas will prove crucial to our health and happiness.  In fact, you can bet on it.

The next step involves coming up with steps to regain balance.  Do you need to get on a healthier diet, do you need to join an exercise class or find people to walk with in the morning? Do you need to cut back on work hours so you can play more with the ones you love or alone? Do you need to takes some time away from a partnership so you can regroup and replenish? Do you need a medical checkup, a trip to the dentist or a vacation?

Write this down in a journal then each day write steps you can take in the areas of your life that appear out of balance or that could use some attention before you run into problems.  Remember everything comes back to you.  Ask for help when you need it.  Take responsibility for the action and reflection.  Decide what is best for you and then balance that with what feels best for others.  When you keep your coffers filled to the brim then you have more energy to spread across all areas of life.

We’ll end with Sara Tavares singing “Balance”