Intuitive Coaching 101–Send Yourself Some Love

Antique_Valentine_1909_01We’ve already covered the benefits of self-love, but with Valentine’s Day coming up tomorrow and the Full Moon in Leo, why not treat yourself like a king or queen for the day? Why wait for someone else to take you out to dinner, buy you flowers or treat you to chocolate dessert?  Even if you’re not single, but you have a partner who has allergies to Valentine’s Day calling it a Hallmark greeting cards event, you can fill up your own well, by loving yourself.

Here are my suggestions:

Make yourself an Italian dinner including some kind of decadent dessert.  For a fraction of the cost you can buy organic pasta sauces, Italian cheeses (even goat cheese, what I eat) and gluten-free pasta at Trader Joe’s or if you want you can shop at your local natural food store or coop.  Anyone can make a simple Italian dinner.  To top it off, try a raw food dessert like the Hail Merry macaroons or tarts which actually have low sugar content and no gluten, but will rock your socks off as far as lusciousness.

Buy some aromatic bath salts or oils and take a luxurious bath with your favorite natural fragrances.  You can also do a coco-sugar scrub or fruit-sea salt scrub to rub off that flaky winter skin. Then follow through with a self-massage.  Or if you have a partner, ask for a massage with aromatherapy oils.  Make sure you put on some soft music in the background.  I prefer classical myself.  Go with Chopin, Debussy or Ravel.

photo by Patricia Herlevi

photo by Patricia Herlevi

If the above suggestions don’t fit in your prices range, buy some old fashion stationary or a frilly Valentine’s Day card and write yourself a love letter then send it to yourself.  I know this might sound ridiculous or narcissistic, but it’s worth the effort because you’ll actually feel thrilled when you receive the card and letter in the mail.  Then buy yourself a fair trade organic dark chocolate bar.  You can even go with sample sizes which are less expensive or buy yourself a chocolate truffle at a chocolate shop.

Read a romantic or magical realism novel such as Water for Chocolate or Chocolat.  You can also read poems by Pablo Neruda or your favorite poet.

Feel free to ad to this list or create your own tradition.  The Leo Moon especially when full is all about loving yourself and using your creativity.  This doesn’t imply that you don’t love others.  You can still buy gifts and send cards to your loved ones and this just adds to the fun.  In fact, even more fun, make your own cards, even at this late date.  So what if the recipients don’t find the cards in their mailbox until the 15th, it will still warm their hearts during this cold February.

Happy Valentine’s Day!



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