Intuitive Coaching 101-Step by Step by Step by Step…

Photo by Patricia Herlevi

Photo by Patricia Herlevi

The word is out, not just with my friends, colleagues and me, but in the readings of other oracles and intuitive coaches, 2014 involves creating maps to the careers, relationships, and other desires we wish to manifest in the world.  Since the year started off with several planets in the solid earth sign Capricorn, we have felt Saturn’s gaze upon us as we reach for our dreams.  However, unlike other years where we could just toss our wishes into the air and cross our fingers, this time around, we truly feel like putting in the effort to build better lives for ourselves.  And with Jupiter in Cancer, we feel that if we nurture ourselves and our dreams, we can achieve them.

However, think of this year as a complicated recipe with step-by-step instructions and don’t rush through the process.  In fact, part of the 2014 message is the journey more so than the final destination.  This year we take stock of our talents, skills, strengths and weaknesses in relationship to our dreams.  Obviously, there are some dreams that are not achievable for us given our limitations which we all have, but then those aren’t our real dreams anyway.  This year the challenge comes with breaking a vision that we hold into small daily, weekly and monthly steps.  Every day we do something, even something small to move us closer to the lives we desire.  And as we move slowly through this process we keep a hawk’s eye on that part of us that sabotages our efforts.

The best antidote to the saboteur are the daily steps and moving through the process mindfully.  For instance, I decided this year to write a business plan.  For me, I would rather sit in a dentist’s chair (something I despise) and get my teeth cleaned rather than write a business plan.  The world of finance and business feels as alien as Mars to me.  However, when I break down the plan into every day tasks, such as researching expenses, coming up with a timeline, and researching the market, the plan becomes doable and I make it fun in the process.  If I had tried to write this plan in one week, instead of two to three months, I would drive myself crazy and toss the plan out the window.

Often we procrastinate because the tasks set in front of us feels daunting, like building a house from ground zero.  Everything we do in life, from designing and building a house, painting fine art, baking bread or even switching locations involves a step-by-step process.  You can’t put the dough in the oven to bake the bread until you’ve mixed the ingredients that produce the dough.  You can’t build a house without a plan of some kind.  And it’s unwise to start a business without a direction of where we would like to take that business.  It’s unwise to just move into a new home without researching the house first, checking out the neighborhood and getting a feel for the place.  Well, you could, but expect some surprises down the road.

So in 2014, don’t rush in where angels fear to tread.  With so many planets in pushy Cardinal signs, like race horses champing at the bit, we want to push ahead.  I know I do, but I keep getting the message to back off and slow down.  Part of the step-by-step process is to get in tune with your hearts and ask ourselves about our true desires.  And also with this process talk to people in the field you would like to work or start a business.  If you’re desire is to find the right partner, first take time to become acquainted with yourself and then you’ll know better who is the right match for you.  If you don’t yet know who you are, then it’s the wrong time to pursue a relationship with someone else.

Meditate, assess your life then reassess your life.  Once you know and have clarity of your intentions, write out your next step, then your next step, and so on, that it will take to manifest your dream.  If you don’t know your next step then seek a life coach or counselor or interview people in the field you wish to enter.  Watch documentaries, read articles, listen to radio shows about your topic.  Even doing those things counts as steps in the process.  And last but not least, make the process fun.  Challenge yourself to complete a certain task by the end of a day or a week, then reward yourself.

If you trip along the way, get back up, and get going with the next step on your journey.


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  1. I’m feeling it too. I wanted so much to dive into the new year, but I keep hearing my inner voice saying, Whoa! slow down. And it’s true without a map, it’s a challenge to reach your destination in one piece, lol.

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