Intuitive Coaching 101–De-clutter & Simplify

photo by Patricia Herlevi

photo by Patricia Herlevi

I have heard the words of the angel oracle card readings on YouTube and listened to other spiritual messages from my Spirit Guides and the Spirit Guides of other intuitive consultants and the words on the street (or online) are simplify and de-clutter (a word that the spell check does not like).  2014 marks a time of clearing space in our lives to make way for the new.  Think of it this way, if a glass is already filled with water you can’t add anymore without it turning into puddles on the table or the floor.

So often we pray for a new relationship, a new home, a new job, or a new something, but we don’t make space in our proverbial garden to grow this new thing we desire.  For instance, if you want to move into a new home, you don’t clutter your current home with stuff you don’t need.  And the other part of that equation is that you clear away the stuff in your closet and life that no longer serves you.  Often we hang onto stuff way past the expiration date.  Meaning, we no longer have a need for a lot of that stuff taking up space in our drawers, closets, and cabinets, not to mention rented storage space.

The problem with physical stuff when we have too much stuff it becomes toxic to our psyche.  And when we clear out physical stuff we also clear out emotional baggage.  It all seems to work together.  On a mental level we need to clear unwanted patterns, beliefs and mental structures that create obstacles in our path and take up space in our thoughts.  When we clutter our minds with toxic thoughts we block the flow of renewed thoughts of where we are in our lives now and what we truly believe.  You would be surprised that most of our thoughts and beliefs don’t even belong to us so it is time to question our beliefs when they crop up.  Ask who does that belong to? Who first said that to me? Do I really believe that crap?  Some thoughts of others could be helpful too.  It’s not all garbage.  Keep the wisdom and toss out the trash.

Photo by Patricia Herlevi

Photo by Patricia Herlevi

Cleaning up the diet also creates space in our lives by removing toxins from our bodies and giving us back vitality and strength so that we can pursue our personal paths.  When we feel healthier, we take more risks or we at least feel energized to take classes, workshops or try new things.  When we have more energy we travel to new places, explore new situations and reach out to new people.  And speaking of people and making new friends, we might need to end friendships that no longer serve us and distract us from where we would like to go.  Think of it this way, if the friendship isn’t serving your highest good then it is also not serving the other person’s highest good.  The kindest thing you could do is to move on.

January 2014 jump starts a year of clearing, removing and tilling the proverbial soil.  It’s a year as the other intuitive consultants such as Doreen Virtue and Michelle of Angel Souls have mentioned, a year of simplifying our lives.  2013 year was a year of balancing karma and working hard.  This doesn’t mean we can sit back on our laurels and do nothing in 2014 because clearing out the old is work and then making way for the new takes effort too.  Even opening the door or saying “yes” to new opportunities takes effort.  We start out the year on a heavy Saturn note which implies to me that effort is needed as are staying in integrity with our life paths and taking responsibility for our happiness.

I hope you welcome this year of great change by cleaning house and clearing away lingering debris from your heart and soul.


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