Intuitive Coaching 101– Bless the Food & Let it Be

photo by Patricia Herlevi

photo by Patricia Herlevi

Like many people, I have struggled with the food issue–what’s healthy and what isn’t; what people should eat and what they shouldn’t eat.  Of course, this mental process has mostly attracted hostility and subterfuge from people closest to me.  And I couldn’t understand why people would refuse to eat healthier food choices, as if they were trying to get back at me.

In my own life, I have found my list of food choices growing more narrow and even though I have given up gluten, most sugar, corn, cow dairy etc… I actually have not experienced those health changes I read about in books and observe in documentaries such as “Forks over Knives.”  I will also say that I don’t suffer from any diseases caused directly from diet.  And while I would still ask people to refrain from junk food, I would rather encourage people to do their own food and nutrition research when they are ready to hear the truth about their diet.  When people resist change, this could be for several reasons including rebelling against the know-it-all person who rallies against their food choices or the person is fearful of change and then in that case, they need to take small steps towards a new diet.  Fear is much easier to face in steps rather than taking a big leap, which to some people equals death.

I believe we need to bring consciousness to all areas of our lives, but consciousness takes time to evolve.  Those of us who have spent time evolving and put in the effort, feel impatient towards others who move more slowly.  We feel an urgency and negativity such as earth is heading to hell in a hand basket, but we must ask ourselves how we can think along those lines how evolved are we? After all, that’s fearful thinking and we approach people with closed hearts and semi-opened minds.

photo by Patricia Herlevi

photo by Patricia Herlevi

After reading books on various types of diets and watching documentaries on food and diet, I think we have developed an extremely fearful and resentful approach to food in general. We spend time giving up this and that food which we dub as the new evil.  And in the new age communities we have discovered that we create more of what we focus upon and persistence to the things we resist. So if our focus is upon all the evils of the food industry, then guess what? We discover even more evils each day and it just expands to the point of helplessness and hopelessness.  Then we rally against corporations and government etc and we wonder why we don’t feel any peace in our lives?

And ironically, when we rally against anything we become self-righteous and really hard to get along with, much less get invited to a congenial dinner party, where no one wants to sit next to us anyway and hear our latest diatribe.  Why can’t we just bless and enjoy our food already.  And it comes as no surprise to me that people are developing allergies and sensitivities towards food as if food is bringing out its uglier side to deal with our bad attitudes towards it.  Obesity also seems like a form of self-abuse and hatred as well as, a resentment towards food.

So how do we heal these scenarios? How do we accept where we are now and take loving steps towards improving our relationship to food? I think the solution begins with self-love and learning how to connect with our Higher Selves, as well as, the wisdom of our bodies.  I think we need to stop listening to the food gospels and self-proclaimed nutrition prophets of the world and tune into what our bodies need.  And when we tune into our higher selves, bless our bodies and the food that nourishes us, a surprising thing happens, we find and experience peace of mind.  When we love ourselves, we develop greater consciousness and then we automatically cut out anything from our lives that does not serve our highest potential.  Yes, a healthy food connection does include a spiritual journey, and this differs with each person.

We can still support people as they make healthier diet choices, but lecturing them about all the ugliness happening in the food industry while they take a bite out of their burger, is fruitless effort that leads to resentment and bad vibes all around.  We say that we mean well when we lecture others about food choices, but aren’t we just trying to control the other person based on our fearful ego?  When the person is ready to change, they’ll let you know and then you can give them your list of helpful books and videos.  Until that point, live your own life and inspire others through your actions and not your words.  A person of integrity is someone who mirrors what they want to see happen in the world.  And by the way, I’m ready and willing to live my own advice.

Remember to bless where you are on your food and diet path.

Bless the food that you eat.

Chew your food slowly and pay attention to the food’s vibration.

Pay attention to your body’s response to the food.

Take a grander view of where your food comes from, who grew it, who harvested it, and all the people who brought that food to you.  Bless them to as well as bless their work and living conditions.

Finally, don’t put your whole life focus on food.  Branch out to include other interests such as exercise, artistic pursuits and spiritual practices.


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