10 Crazy Ways Humans Sabotage Their Well-Being

280px-MSH82_st_helens_plume_from_harrys_ridge_05-19-821. Smoking

Really this one is a no-brainer given all the evidence connecting smoking to lung disease and cancer.  Second-hand and now, third-hand smoke causes ill health effects.  The cool factor disappears quickly when you see a person shaking from addiction or constantly hacking while their lungs wheeze from emphysema and the coughing up of black phlegm is as appealing as a plague.

For those people addicted to smoking, you can beat this bad habit by first stop promoting this idea that you have an addictive personality then to enroll in whichever smoking cessation program most appeals to you.  Don’t let cigarettes rule your life.

2. Alcohol Consumption

Where I live there are few community events that don’t involve alcohol in some way and an increase in local breweries and microbreweries keep the economy going, at least on the local level.  Virtually every society on earth and even one major religion feature alcohol in one form or another and since ancient times.  However, recent articles have reported studies that link alcohol consumption to different types of cancer, and women are especially vulnerable.  Even one glass of wine a day could lead to developing cancer, though it’s not a huge risk according to the articles I’ve read.  But the cancer risks still outweigh any heart health benefits found in a glass of red wine. And face it, most people probably drink more than one glass of red wine a day especially if they attend social events with alcohol or go out to eat at restaurants that serve alcohol.

Drink if you must, but keep in mind that you could sabotage your health.

3. Recreational Drugs

There’s a scene in Woody Allen’s “Annie Hall” where Diane Keaton’s character Annie insists on smoking a joint before having sex.  And true enough, people do use marijuana to relax or to “mellow out”.  However, with some effort involved, yoga, meditation, listening to certain types of music, relaxing near a large body of water or taking a stroll or a hike in the woods also mellow us out. And without the side effects of holes in the lungs and the death of brain cells.  While I think it’s ridiculous to throw someone in jail for smoking marijuana, you still need to consider harsh side effects, especially after long-term use or addiction.

4. Consuming Junk Food

If the rise in obesity and diabetes type 2, not to mention heart disease and certain cancers caused by poor diet isn’t enough to change a person’s habit, then consider all the poisons in the form of chemicals and GMO ingredients that appears in junk food. Some of those chemicals lead to food addiction and fatten the coffers of transnational corporations that produce and distribute that poison worldwide (GMOS are not permitted in many countries).

The junk food habit is a hard one to break because of the carbohydrates and sugars that bring comfort to stressed out people.  However, those sugars and carbohydrates lead the body to experience even more stress so it’s a vicious merry-go-round experience.  You can reclaim your body one step at a time by eliminating and replacing one junk food with a whole food or you can go cold turkey and change your diet in one fell swoop.  Switch to whole and super foods and watch people notice how good you look.

5. Focusing on Negative and Fear-Driven News Stories

Sometimes we need to know what’s going on in our communities and the rest of the world, but balance out any fear-driven news from any form of media with healing music, sound healing CDs, meditation, yoga, or an activity you feel passionate about.  Do not spend more than 30 minutes a day reading or watching or listening to the local or world news (this is just depressing), unless of course you are a journalist and this is part of your job.

And after digesting the news, make sure you send out a prayer for peace, love, compassion or forgiveness or counterbalance the bad news with loving thoughts and intentions.  Do not beat the drum of negative news by phoning or e-mailing all your friends and colleagues with a sentence that begins with “Oh my Gawd, have you heard…” Too much drama.

6. Gossiping

Remember these words, “What goes around, comes around.”  Gossiping serves no one and then the person spreading rumors wonders in the back of his or her mind if someone is doing the same thing to them.

7. Conventional Cleaning Products

Ditch the toxic household cleaners and chemicals.  It’s a myth that natural products cost more than commercial brand products. Lemons, baking soda, tea tree oil and clove oil are inexpensive.  Lemon oil, thyme oil, tea tree oil, and lavender oil kill bacteria and viruses without putting your health or the health of the planet in peril.

8. Synthetic Make-up and Personal Hygiene Products

Switch to natural.  Yes, natural products such as mineral make-up costs more but causes less damage to your health or the environment.  To find out what lurks in your current products, go to http://www.ewg.org/skindeep/

9. Give Up the Commute or Travel on Public Transportation

I don’t know what the health statistics are for people who commute long distance to work by driving, but I imagine that the pollution from other cars, especially on crowded freeways and stress caused by driving take its toll on health.  We know that all the cars on the road burn CO2 gas causing pollution on the planet and we have seen the consequences of the commuting habit in the form of super storms and horrific weather patterns.  Support and take public transportation whenever possible.  If you have a short commute opt for a bicycle or walk to work. Support any efforts in your community or region for light rail.

10. Meat Consumption

Either eat less meat, and make sure it’s free-range or switch completely to a plant-based diet.  Many cultures around the world eat meat as a condiment and not as the main course as in western cultures.  If you must eat meat for medical reasons, make sure it’s free-range and that the animals are treated ethically. Do you really want to consume meat that was raised with cruel energy? In the realm of quantum physics we deal with frequencies and intent.  And these frequencies, either low or high affect our well-being and our health.

Obviously, my list is going to ruffle the feathers of some people.  However, I ask those people to go inward and ask them selves if any of the above habits contribute joy and well-being to their lives.  And wouldn’t true liberation from those habits lead to a happier outcome?

True, we all sabotage ourselves in one way or another, but the point of my article is to recognize at least 10 ways (another one is cruel self-talk and self-abuse by not honoring ourselves) which we don’t honor ourselves.  In order to claim our power, we need to make a sacrifice or watch our bad habits sacrifice the things we value, such as our relationships, communities, health and in some cases, the planet. Change doesn’t happen over night, but take at least one step today to ditch a bad habit and reclaim your power.

4 thoughts on “10 Crazy Ways Humans Sabotage Their Well-Being

    • Thanks Shelly. Hugs and chocolate for you too. Hope all is well in Florida and that you’re not encountering sinkholes or anything weirder than that.

  1. Well thought out list.
    Many don’t realize that smoking is one of only 2 ways people get bladder cancer – they should publicize that more – maybe fewer kids would start if they saw that unpleasant result. What drives me crazy more than seeing teens smoke? A mother with small children smoking. (OK I know. peace. calm)
    Natural is always better. When the body is working properly, we have all the chemicals inside we need to be “high” or happy.
    If you eat meat, happy cows and chickens – all free to walk outside in the sun- is not a silly joke – should be required.
    Modernization/Progress” has disrupted so much of what was good. Need balance.
    You always have insightful posts (Once again I promise to abandon the pita chips and tortilla chips..it’s so hard – so hard!)

    • There are some types of corn chips that are healthy. Before I got an allergy to corn, I ate corn chips and salsa as a snack. Pita chips with hummus would be nice too.

      I didn’t know about the bladder cancer from smoking. I can see alcohol causing bladder cancer.

      It’s unfortunate that Washington State legalized marijuana because now people aren’t just smoking cigarettes on the streets, they’re also smoking pot. And I thought second hand cigarette smoke was bad enough.

      Still people who choose not to evolve (and it is their choice), will stick to their bad habits. I’m only hoping to reach people who are interested in self-development and well-being.

      Mothers who smoke around their babies and children bother me too. Teens smoke because they’re rebelling and think that smoking is cool. I didn’t get that when I was a teen and I certainly don’t get that now. Nothing cool about black lungs.

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