Quantum Tarot (New Interpretations for an Old Deck)

170px-Jean_Dodal_Tarot_trump_01This morning as I was gently waking up, a flash of inspiration about tarot cards struck me. I came up with new interpretations for both the Major Arcana/trump and court cards.  It seems silly to me that in an age of quantum physics and law of attraction, we would still use the tarot deck as a divining tool for destiny or making predictions.  I realize that some life coaches and therapists use tarot to empower their clients, as opposed to following the old school of making predictions.

However, I’m not proposing using the tarot as either a predictive or psychological tool.  I think we can use the deck in an alchemical way or as a manifestation tool.  But first, let’s look at my new interpretations.  Let’s start with the court cards.  In the past, the sword (air) cards foretold something tragic in the predictive mode or represented the cognitive process in the psychological mode. With my new interpretation, the swords still represent thought, worries, doubts and beliefs, but the cards only remind us that we are stuck in unworkable thought patterns and beliefs.  When we know where are mind is at, which then relates to our feelings and emotions, we can release those old patterns and replace them with life-affirming and self-loving thoughts.

The Wands (fire) still represents inspiration and movement, but we start with the spark of the Ace of Wands, deal with competition and conflict with the 5 of Wands, by the time we reach the 8 of Wands we are well on the way to manifesting our desires, though we might become a bit negative around the 9 of Wands and the 10 of Wands could represent completion of a manifestation or feeling burdened by a wrong choice along the way, but we can always choose again and begin the process.

170px-Nicolas_Conver_Tarot_trump_07The Cups (water) represents feelings and emotions, as well as, the heart chakra.  These cards are powerful tools for manifestation since we know that with quantum physics feelings are crucial to manifestation and the law of attraction.  Cups also governs our imagination and ability to visualize the outcome of our manifestations.  This element fills our hearts with love, compassion, forgiveness and helps with meditation and love relationships of the romantic nature.  Cups also connects us to God or the Source and leads us on spiritual paths.

Finally, we have the Disks (earth) which either help us to ground our manifestations into our reality or cause us to get stuck in rigid thoughts and beliefs so that we keep manifesting the same old stuff we no longer want in our lives.  The Disks cards still relate to employment, career, money, home, and acquiring material possessions.  But the Four of Disks reflects on giving away stuff and releasing that which is no longer needed into the world or changing old thought patterns that keep us stuck.  The Five of Disks further emphasizes letting these old beliefs go, especially the beliefs that keep us stuck in poverty consciousness.  Take the advice of Six to Disks which is about sharing what we have or giving the energy we want in our lives back to the world.

I haven’t come up with any new interpretations for the court cards.  These still represent people represented by the elements and astrological influences.  The Disks court cards represent earth signs, Cups, water signs, Wands, fire signs and Swords, air signs.  Kings are generally married men, while knights are eligible bachelors or young women..  Queens are generally older or married women and pages can represent children or youth of either sex.

I’m still working on interpretations for the Major Arcana, but I believe that these cards represent the alchemical process as well as, the hero’s journey.  We begin the journey as an innocent Fool for love (The Fool), learn the basics of manifestation (The High Priestess and The Magician), which we attach to spiritual teachings (The hierophants or Pope), but if our egos get in the way, (The Emperor) we could run into problems.  Otherwise, we bypass our ego and get in touch with our feminine side or feelings that help us to manifest prosperity and abundance (The Empress).  Meanwhile, we return to the Garden of Eden or discover romantic love (The Lovers) and so on.

As I adopt the philosophies and theories of quantum physics in my life, I contemplate the transformation of ancient tools and wisdom to support my new beliefs.  Besides, the tarot deck was beginning to feel like old news to me and I needed a spark of inspiration to set me on a new path.


3 thoughts on “Quantum Tarot (New Interpretations for an Old Deck)

  1. Tarot cards have been around for a long time and seem to adapt well to historical and societal changes. I wouldn’t be surprised if there are people who collect the decks just for the artwork alone or for antique value.

    Hello Virginia, I’m interesting to know where this is heading too. I actually had a clearer vision of quantum tarot in the middle of the night, jotted some notes down, but by morning, the vision turned foggy.

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