Traffic jams & roadblocks on the Spiritual Path

photo by Patricia Herlevi

photo by Patricia Herlevi

Detour and dead-end signs often appear on the spiritual path as do right of way, yield with caution and stop (as in stop what you’re doing).  So often we find ourselves stuck in mass consciousness which is the equivalent of a traffic jam.  Or we find ourselves heading for a roadblock in the form of what appears as insurmountable obstacles.

There was a time when spiritual paths represented the roads less taken.  While we went about our daily lives, we relegated the spiritual path to former alcoholics who found Christ, Buddhists or people following a mystic path of one sort or another.  While we didn’t exactly call these people cooky, we probably thought that they were, having given up their interests in the material world.

However, with the planetary shifts occurring these days, it seems that the spiritual path has become crowded, like a medieval pilgrimage across Europe or a modern pilgrimage to Mecca.  A multitude of bodies sweat it out for a glimpse of higher consciousness.  More people who swear they’re not religious (me among them) meditate, speak with spirit guides, and more people than ever realize they’re pulling insights out of thin air.  They chuckle with glee when they notice synchronicity happening in their lives or they pile on the self-help books which they find on library shelves.

No longer does the spiritual seeker resemble the sage with worn out sandals and frayed clothing.  No longer does the spiritual seeker show up at doors with a begging bowl in his hands.  The spiritual seeker could drive up in a Lexus 4 X 4, but then how enlightened is polluting the earth, we might ask.

So how do we navigate the narrow spiritual path, which seems wider and bolder than ever? How do we discern that we’re on the right path when they’re so many contradictory paths of “truth” to choose from? And how do we know we aren’t deluding ourselves when we talk to Spirit Guides? How do we know that SG is really Archangel Michael and not Uncle Bob showing up in disguise?

I ask myself these questions from time to time.  I think it comes down to knowing our selves, as well as, honoring and loving our selves. Learn how to meditate, learn how to discern, to make demands of the spirit guides to prove their identity and set boundaries.  You’ll know you’re working with benevolent and useful spirits when they honor your boundaries.  Only the darker entities invade your space without your consent.

Never start working with spirits until you have had either informal or formal training in this practice.  It’s too easy for an unwanted entity to  enter your aura field.  And you can always call on Archangel Michael for protection, and in fact, it is the best route to take.  Try to do spiritual work when you feel energetic as opposed to exhausted since you become vulnerable in that state.

The spiritual road has grown more crowded with both high-minded people and dabbling fools.  It’s no different from driving on a freeway with responsible drivers and fools who text message while driving or put on make up in traffic.  While we do need to stay alert to what other drivers are doing to prevent head-on collisions, we should not spend any time judging other drivers.  Same for the spiritual path.  Stay alert, but keep your eyes on the road and not that dazzler (I coin this word) in the car passing you.  Pay attention to signs, give right of way, and drive the speed limit knowing you will get to your destination at the right time.


4 thoughts on “Traffic jams & roadblocks on the Spiritual Path

  1. Very well said… Love how you compare it so. 🙂 Many are rushing, in light of the ennui; or losing track of their authenticity. It’s ironic that the most difficult things are being true to oneself, loving (self and outwardly), and mindfulness. Seems so very easy. Great post!

  2. (I’ve been here twice and had to leave before commenting – trying again)
    So many good ideas in this post – worth re-reading- especially the last 3 paragraphs -, so not complaining life keeps interrupting.
    It seems that when you are going on the right path at the right time, it feels different: like comparing the feel of silk vs sandpaper – mentally as well as physically.
    The caution you speak of is necessary, some are born with guides to protect when young and not yet realizing the danger. Awareness, eating well, and getting enough sleep is important.
    The last paragraph is an excellent comparison.
    Well done!

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