Spiritual Essay–Beware of The Other

I have this problem, if you can call it a problem, that when my Spirit Guides come knocking on my door (my mind), I need to stop whatever I’m doing, change my plans, and regurgitate inspiration and words that flow through me.  Not once in my life, have I wanted to channel information to humanity.  It’s not that I’m selfish, but I just thought channels were strange people who were making stuff up.  Now, I know differently.

While I’m not in a trance, and I’m not writhing on the floor like a spastic snake, I have a message that I must deliver to you.  That message is a response to a conversation taking place in one of the Linked-In spiritual groups revolving around whether healers and intuitives should charge money for their work.  The premise to the original post mentions that charging money comes from the ego and not the Higher Self.  This concept comes from Catholicism and other Christian practices steeped in guilt and the shame attached to taking care of one’s needs.

I also have seen a lot of ego bashing on spiritual forums and even on online metaphysical/spiritual events.  I believe that these spiritual teachers are confusing ego (which is basically drive and the will to survive in the world), with “The Other” or what the Kabbalah teacher Yehuda Berg calls “The Adversary,” not to be confused with the ego, which we actually need to survive.

Now, you might meet spiritual people who act anything but spiritual.  I have heard many complaints over the years about personalities of renowned spiritual teachers, who were alleged not to have walked their talk.  While, we need to come from integrity in our work and with our lifestyle, we are all human here.  Humans who embark on a spiritual path do stumble along the way.  And as we humans climb the next rung on the ladder to enlightenment, The Adversary plays an even darker and more powerful role in causing us to lose footing and to fall from grace.  Sometimes that looks like a renown healer treating his wife with disrespect, or a famous intuitive caught gossiping about other intuitives or clients.

We could just shake our self-righteous heads and wag our judgemental fingers at these folks, but what good does that do? We each need to take care of our own business and stop allowing The Adversary to trip us on our paths.  We trip big time when we focus on the shortcoming of others.  Don’t you find it ironic that someone would criticize another person for gossiping? Aren’t they gossiping when they criticize the other person? And don’t try to rationalize your way out of that when you know the truth.

So are we going to waste our time criticizing spiritualists for charging fees for their services or are we going to focus on our own practices and do what feels right for us? Why are people even wasting time judging others, when they could be doing the work they came here to do? Well, the answer is The Adversary has the upper hand.  The Adversary does not want us to improve our lives or ourselves.  The Adversary wants us to get down on our knees and pledge our lives to staying stuck in darkness.

For any of you who read Paulo Coelho’s early books, such as “The Pilgrimage,” know about The Other.  Again, I don’t think that Paulo is referring to the ego, but to an actual dark force, or as Berg puts it in his book, “The Spiritual Rules of Engagement,” a fallen angel that resides inside each of us.  Some people call this a demon and others call The Adversary a devil.  We have all heard the phrase, “The Devil made me do it.” Nothing could be closer to the truth, but we still need to take responsibility.

Photo by Patricia Herlevi

As we move forward on our spiritual paths, we undergo more tests.  In this schoolroom of life, the lessons and tests grow in intensity.  We don’t just reach a plateau and bask in the sunlight.  Well, we might bask for a short while, but our souls see the next summit waiting for us to climb and learn even greater lessons.  And this looks like a spiritual person messing up because they feel irritated that they have yet, another lesson to fulfill.

We don’t consciously draw these lessons to us.  We unconsciously ask for each lesson, because our souls choose growth, and messy growth at that.  If you think spiritual death is chaotic, death pales in comparison to the process of rebirth.  Before rebirth can occur, purging takes place, and no one enjoys purging.

So back to the question of whether or not a spiritualist should charge a fee, that’s up to us.  However, consider that many of us were taught that God exists outside us, and that if we don’t serve others, outside of us, then we aren’t serving God.  If this is your belief, if you were raised Catholic or Protestant or study Buddhism, and your life is about service, then I can see where you run into trouble taking care of your own needs.

The story of Saint Francis of Assisi reflects on a man who felt tortured by guilt and shame.  While I find it commendable that Francis gave to the needy, he died from horrid diseases because of self-denial, which was considered heroic during his era.  The saint flogged and often starved himself.  Saint Chiara, his counterpart or soulmate is known as the first anorexic.  The bishop ordered Chiara to start eating because how can you serve God if you’re dead?

Now, I’m not putting these saints down because they are mentors for me.  However, it is they among my other saint spirit guides, who taught me the lesson that self-denial is actually a denial of your inner deity.  If God resides in you, and you are a temple of God, then why would you abuse your body, deny yourself the foods your body craves for health reasons, and live in poverty? If you deny yourself prosperity, abundance, joy, and fulfillment, then you deny yourself a true connection to your Divine Right and to God.  I realize those words will shock a lot of readers, but this is the truth, and you know this on some level that this is the truth.

Consider that martyrs suck people dry.  When someone tries to live up to a martyr’s example, they feel consumed by guilt.  Oh, they ask, “Why can’t I die for a cause?”  I’m not saying that martyrs don’t have an important role to play or that we should ignore them, but would you want to spend your time in a room full of martyrs or would you rather enjoy the deity that resides in you?

The Adversary doesn’t want you to take care of your needs.  The Adversary doesn’t want you to live and if you don’t squelch The Adversaries’ plans for you, you’ll either die young from self-sabotage or you’ll live a life full of self-loathing.  You might not flog yourself with a whip, but you’ll chastise your thoughts and your actions to the point where you feel like a trembling dog with his tail stuck between his legs.  If you don’t deal with The Adversary, who will only lead you on the road to suffering, while stroking your ego along the way, you will not reach enlightenment.  If you seek self-esteem, then listening to The Adversary won’t help you reach this goal.

To compensate for your lack of spiritual awareness, you will look for targets to project your shadows upon.  You will look for a group of people, whether that is healers who charge money for their services, or people who don’t share your moral standards, to attack.  Then you will pull out your self-righteous mask and hide behind it as if you were doing God a huge favor.  However, God does not need us to judge our fellow humans.  God is capable of figuring out humans for herself.   The Adversary doesn’t want you to know that.  The Adversary wants you to sabotage yourself and your growth thus far, and the easiest route to destroying yourself is to focus your attention on others, instead of yourself.

Yes, I know, our elders taught us that focusing on ourselves is selfish.  No one likes a selfish person.  Many of us were spanked for acting selfish or sent to a corner to sulk and think about our selfish actions.  How dare we shine our light upon the world.  How dare we take care of our needs and love ourselves.  However, if we don’t love ourselves neither can anyone else.  Sure, we can make transactions with others–I’ll take care of your needs and you take care of mine.  But this is mutual back scratching and not LOVE.

So think about these words and then go out there and turn the world upside down.  Well-meaning folks have taught us the wrong lessons for centuries.  Now, we must squelched The Adversary (it won’t be easy), and reclaim our personal power, which resides inside us, where it has always resided.


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  1. Patricia problem is identical in astrology, for certain person should not use astrology to save money as it is a divine art and not a tool of knowledge of self, other and also a spiritual discipline…

  2. Yes, Lune, astrology is a spiritual discipline, especially with lessons from the outer planets. Unfortunately, some religious people think astrology is the work of the devil. Astrology has acted like a mirror to my soul and the planets have given me access to me.

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