PNW–Little Town of Edison #1

Edison 001

A man shows up in a small rural town in search of…

Skagit County, aka “Magic Skagit” features unique small towns.  It’s county seat, Mount Vernon boasts a population of roughly 35,000.  But the most interesting towns peppered throughout this large western Washington county are the small towns that combine farmers with artists.  Bow-Edison, tucked between the Chuckanut Highway and Highway 20 is actually two towns.   Artisan bread and cheese come from this region and this time of year you can drive past the cabbage fields, glinting purple.  And if you’re lucky you’ll see great blue herons landing among the cabbage, a few hawks and ravens acting like sentinels in bare bone trees.

My sister, Mom and I stopped by Edison today.  My family members had driven past the town the other day and I salivated thinking of photo-ops.  Besides, during the 3.75 years that I lived in Mount Vernon, I never visited Edison–not for lack of desire, but buses didn’t travel to the smaller towns in Skagit, with the exception of La Conner.  I actually missed out on seeing most of Magic Skagit since I don’t own or even drive a car.

This is the best time of year for bird lovers to visit the Skagit Flats since migrating snow geese and swans make the farm fields home until April.  Sadly, you hear gun shots in the background of geese hunters.  It’s illegal to shoot the swans, but the geese aren’t protected.  We actually heard some shooting in the background as we walked around the town with our cameras.  I now think of the irony of photographing this old west town with gun shots in the background.  I guess it could be worse such as gun shots in the background of an urban environment like Bellingham.  Yikes, what a thought!

With no further ado, let me introduce you to Edison, Washington.  And expect this locale to end up in one of my future short stories.

This building eyed us, photograph by Patricia Herlevi

This community is not short on baked goods

or interesting trees

or galleries

This is my sister borrowing my dad’s camera

When I looked at the messages on this building, I said “huh?”

All photographs by Patricia Herlevi on Dec. 26, 2011


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